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Meet Dr Nevada Gray PharmD, RN

Nevada is a pharmacist and registered nurse with 20 years experience helping patients navigate the healthcare system and empower themselves back to health with fitness and nutrition. After suffering a partial spinal cord injury in 2016 called cauda equina syndrome, Nevada utilized the ketogenic diet and became a NASM certified personal trainer during her 2 year recovery. Since this time Nevada has established herself as a ketogenic lifestyle expert helping others achieve the results they desire, whether it be weight loss or improvement in health markers.  

A Sample Ketogenic Meal

The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet, with a typical macro nutrient ratio of 80/15/5. First invented by Russel Wilder, the ketogenic diet was the standard of care in the treatment of epilepsy until the discovery of the drug Dilantin at which point the diet was phased out and replaced by anticonvulsant medications in the 1930-40's. Evolving nutrition science and advances in medical research over the last 20 years have begun to show that the root of many chronic illnesses such as Type 2  diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease & neurodegenerative conditions, to name a few, are the result of alterations of glucose metabolism through the consumption of a low fat & highly processed high carbohydrate diet of grains, bread, sugar & junk food.  



While exercise is not required to be successful on a ketogenic diet to lose weight or improve overall health, it is highly encouraged to find a balance between KETO and a training program that works for your lifestyle and goals. One of the most beautiful aspects of fitness is the abundance of exercises that train the same muscle groups. We believe the key to success is incorporating movement that not only feels good, but corrects muscle imbalances that lead to injury and chronic pain. Fancy and expensive gym memberships and equipment are not required, it is possible to train in the privacy of your own home using your body or minimal equipment. At the PALEO Pharmacist LLC we teach you how to put together an effective exercise program that works for you and your goals. Fitness should be fun!!! Right??