The Mind Body Breakthroughs Network LLC is a health and media network company co-founded by Chris Donohue and Dr Nevada Gray PharmD, RN for the people, by the people, connecting people. Our mission is to assist you in a return to health and purpose by bringing you the best resources in health, science and business so you can have the BREAKTHROUGH you have been searching for in your life! We offer a FREE community & podcast, affordable coaching programs & social media marketing, branding and content creation services for small and large scale eCommerce businesses.

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We offer a FREE community for MBB members to connect with one another in health, purpose, and business. Each month we offer FREE micro challenges to help you peel away the layers of everything that is not you, so you can BE YOU!! It is about becoming 1% better everyday to achieve the BREAKTHROUGH in your life to finish strong in the second half. We are a diet, political and religious neutral community that encourages each member to empower themselves and make the best decisions for their physical, emotional & spiritual health!