Featured Product: The Butcher Box

The Butcher Box

What is ButcherBox: ButcherBox is a meat subscription company that distributes high quality meat you can trust; 100% grass-fed and pasture raised beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild caught Alaskan salmon directly to your door. ButcherBox believes in better. Their mission is to create a world where everyone wins with meat that is better for you, your family, the animals, the farmers, the business, and our planet. All of their products are humanely raised and never given antibiotics or added hormones ever.


Otto Wilde Grill

The Otto Wilde Grill is the king of sophistication, bringing that steakhouse feel into the comfort of your own home! Portable, easy to assemble & clean, the Otto Wilde Grill & Otto Wilde Grill LITE packs a big punch in your grilling game! With only 3  minutes of pre-heating needed to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect moisture & flavor sealed within a gorgeous steakhouse crust in minutes. The secret is in the Otto Grill's Radiant Technology, which allows for higher searing temperatures, faster cooking & juicy steaks. What are you waiting for? Save 10% on all Otto Wilde products with the code: paleopharma10 at checkout!

The Beyond KETO SUMMIT Series 2020



Don't miss out on the largest mastermind conversation about the ketogenic diet in history. Comprised of hundreds of speakers, The Beyond KETO Virtual Summit Series includes the brightest minds in science and medicine that will run each month for 2020. It is an honor to share my experience and participate in this SUMMIT Series. Registration is FREE, with an option to purchase previous series for your home library. 




Butcher Box connects families with food they want to eat through their friendly neighborhood butcher culture and always open online store. Offering FREE Delivery right to your door of pasture raised, grass fed & finished meat cuts from animals humanely raised, no antibiotics or added hormones and of the highest quality. Shop & Save for current specials & discounts!



Redmond Life has it right by creating natural care products and some of the best tasting salt in the world! Redmond Real Salt is harvested from the ancient, pristine ocean near Redmond Utah-an unrefined sea salt with a complete blend of minerals and subtle sweet flavor, devoid of micro plastic contamination often seen in commercial sea salts. SAVE 15% with CODE: PALEOPHARMACIST



A Family run ranch in Colorado, CCB honors the western heritage and roots practicing stewardship to the land and providing 'authentic by nature' high quality Colorado beef right to your home! Save 5% with CODE: PALEOPHARM



Advanced light filtering eyewear offered by BLUblox to help you improve sleep, health & hormones! Available for worldwide shipping for adults & children in prescription or readers. 

Mind Body Breakthrough Online Coaching Program


From Low Carb to No Carb, our Lifetime access Mind Body Breakthrough Online Coaching Program is your total guide to mind body transformation. Get started today!



Solas Light offers quality Red Light panels at an affordable price for consumers looking to up the ante in their healing journeys. 

Essential Oils & SAVVY Cosmetics

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Looking to detoxify your home & personal care products, elevate emotions and create a calm, balanced, wonderful smelling environment? Look no further than Young Living Essential Oils. Extensive quality testing and commitment to sustainability make Young Living Essential Oils a natural companion in your health & wellness journey.  

SAVVY Cosmetics

Natural Mineral Make-Up

Do you love beauty and the art of make-up but can do without the harsh chemicals in most over the counter cosmetics? Look no further than SAVVY Minerals, a cosmetic line made with the highest quality mineral ingredients for a natural looking glow without the added fillers, synthetics, or parabens that can irritate skin. Shop SAVVY Minerals cosmetic line today and don't forget your brush set!




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